First Global and Interoperable Trust Framework, 
for interoperable electronic transactions.

trust framework vignetteCapitalizing onto 25 years of business experience, TrustSeed provides first and worldwide integrated “suite of trusted services” framework to structurally create safe online environment, establishing interoperability between different Trust Service Providers (TSP):

  • To annihilate cyber-criminality, eliminate identity theft and document falsification.
  • To guaranty documentary and monetary correspondences with probative value.
  • To comply with EU Regulations, USA NSTIC, Communities Interchange Agreements.
  • To provide universal solution at world’s forehead; adoptive – easy to use – low cost.

This framework of trusted digital services is protected by a set of 16 patents, that covers:

  • Legal elecronic signature for digital transactions,
  • Evidence value for cloud computing correspondences,
  • Digital balance sheets consolidation and certification.

In February 2016, TrustSeed's SiWiT project received the Seal of Excellence from European Union for its Global Trust Framework: download certificate here


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Digital Trust Network – DTN,
to institute trust into tomorrow’s cross-border Single Digital Market. 

process 4 steps 3TrustSeed provides a framework of interoperable online services designed to ensure authenticity, reliability and security for paperless transactions through its Digital Trust Network (DTN).

Each transaction is validated by a Certification Party that ensures compliance of each stage, and ultimately ensure probative value of digital signatures in a unified European market as envisioned by upcoming regulations.

Communities can add trusted compliancy into their online services to their members, in a secure online and codified environment, with probative value at European level.

A suite of scalable trusted services

Suite of TrustSeed' trusted services has been developed by its own R&D department or by trusted and integrated providers; TrustSeed’s DTN proposes different authentication services, document management, routing and archiving with probative value, depending on the needs of the online community for its members.

TrustSeed customers choose themselves for their own community, trusted services providers’ solutions that fit better their needs for types of transactions they wish to address. These integrated trust solutions are called upon request through DTN over the Cloud.

Web-service integration into DTN is open to all TSP involved into document processes (Certification Authorities, documentary operator, archiving, routing providers...) wishing to participate into enhancing confidence in public and commercial electronic transactions, in context of upcoming Digital Single Market and according to detailed and available RCN integration documentation.

First dynamic digital ID solution,
validated by first neutral third validation party.

In the context of Stork 2 (Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed 2.0), the Authentication Registrar (or virtual private office) participate in achieving of a European common market for online identification and authentication.

15 years after European Directive on electronic signatures, one realizes its limited success (offline on the user's workstation, activated by simple password, not associated with intrinsic characteristics of signed document, without manifestation of consent, etc.).

Once specimens of documents have been created by DSO, it would deliver under specific rules signed originals and duplicates to auxiliary operators designated by mandates by user (ODS provides these trusted services by itself in some case):