Corporate communities: IDC predicts that by 2017, 80% of Fortune 500 companies will have an active online customer’s community, against 30% today. In 2016, 60% of Fortune 500 companies will edit and deploy their own dedicated management solutions to their communities.

Projects to communities are being deployed by TrustSeed to numerous Corporate’s communities:

  1. Financial institutions: they have already digitalized their cash flows and established their certification bodies - control agents or verification authorities under control of central banks. Disseminating paperless documentary with commercial counterparties assume that financial institutions make available to their customers reliable legal tools and document signing services with probative value based on an obligation of result - as it was the case for monetary dematerialization.
  2. Carriers and post offices, which already attract individuals and small businesses in the market. Several telecommunications companies and post offices have already started to provide banking services, licensing of payment services provider (PSP).

A solution for easy integration into communities...

All digital communities in the world can benefit their members trust services by integrating the Digital Trust Network (DTN) it is just for that community to develop an API for web services in a technical specifications available on request.

The solution integrates with existing applications calling for the application of digital trust services through the Cloud; no data and no application is stored on the user's workstation and trust services are called in the cloud with the use of a simple click.

A pervasive commercial pattern...

  • TrustSeed’s ergonomics solutions was guided by consideration of importance of ownership feeling from users.
  • Virtuous circle initiated by a user mode pervasive deployment:
    • Deployment within the members of a community.
    • Deployment with the counterparties of each members of a community (each documentary correspondence is administered by a bilateral correspondence convention requesting prior recipient’s agreement).
  • Integration of a community onto DTN only occurs by adding a simple button on user interfaces that calls trusted suite of services on demand by a simple API (SaaS Web Services).
  • Trusted suite of services onto DTN are an essential added value for future applications and a strong business case for the affiliation of new members and development of communities.

...suitable for all types of correspondences

Trusted suite of services onto DTN are adaptable to management of all types of business documents (contracts, invoices, money...), for all company departments regardless of corporate business field (finance, insurance, technology, health, communication...).