Software publishers:

  • 23,000 publishers in the world, first 100 carrying 80% of revenues from software sales. Software publishers have legitimacy to become key service operators for digital documents as they support change for regulations compliancy and update accordingly their customers’ database.
  • Park of installed software 'Off Line' in the world is $ 243 billion revenue annually from licenses, for first 100 global software management; SaaS economy generates in return still only for $ 11 billion in revenue in 2013 (Source: PwC Global 100 Software Leaders).
  • Pervasive strategy for first 100 publishers worldwide by initiating a virtuous circle maintained by bilateral agreements.
  • BPO Stratégie: switching from an Off Line model to an On Line one; for software, in general context of migration in SaaS, move from a license based model of sales, support and maintenance to an n-demand service platform is not without consequence: it brings some technical issues, marketing and sales efforts or different internal organizational impact. It is thus important to add documentary application features that justify a fee for it. The success of tilting the economy towards economic Off Line to On Line will determine the sustainability of software publisher’s business models; TrustSeed applications will confirm new strategy in SaaS – or cloud – by giving control over document value chain to software provider.

TrustSeed suite of trusted services:

  • One simple solution: we offer to software vendors, banks, document operators, serenity in usage of dematerialized solutions for any type of message (financial, legal contract, mandates, registered letters…)
  • Compatible solution: extremely reduced technical constraints using only high level value added services (SOA) 
  • Accountable and legal: symmetric guaranties (documentary correspondence account) and traceability of documents operations insured using signed reporting.
  • Immediate usage: implementation of dematerialized web-service is optimized and simple to configure.
  • TrustSeed’s suite of services helps to reach zero paper, zero conflicts, zero default, and zero fraud with a dramatic reduction of operational and systemic risks
  • A patented solution: TrustSeed owns more than 10 patents of complete dematerialization value chain including Strong Authentication and legal signature. 
  • Our SOA solutions are available in SaaS and full web.