oiseau droit 80 2TrustSeed company was created in 2002,
as a publisher of digital exchange security software: 

  • From 2002 to 2006, TrustSeed was Software provider of TrustMission operator for its solutions in digital security and dematerialisation; takeover of TrustMission by Cortex Group in 2010.
  • Takeover of Magic@xess in 2006 (server and patents for authentication and signature via mobile phone).
  • 16 patents families filed in more than 35 countries: certification and interoperability of electronic identification, authentication, issuing, signature, correspondence, transfer and archiving processes (compliance with new security architecture standards).
  • Official Delegate of “Digital Identity” Working Group (WP5) to the European Commission for Scoping the Single European Identity Community (SSEDIC).
  • 4 softwares solutions in SaaS mode brought out in 2012 and 2013.
  • Labelled by technology clusters TES (Transactions Electroniques Sécurisées) and Cap Digital.
  • Shareholders: TrustWin.
  • Capital: €3,700,000.

TrustSeed is pioneering with advent of IDaaS (ID as a Service)

In an environment increasingly open, reliability and simplicity of identity solution in the cloud is accelerating adoption of new online services for consumers, businesses and administrations.

A digital signature invented by the world's experts on banking and financial security: