TrustSeed is pioneering with advent of IDaaS (ID as a Service)

In an environment increasingly open, reliability and simplicity of identity solution in the cloud is accelerating adoption of new online services for consumers, businesses and administrations.

A patented worldwide ecosystem

TrustSeed solutions are based on 15 global patents filed between 2006 and 2010 whom preceded and influenced new upcoming European Regulation eIDAS, NIS Directive on Data Protection and Cyber Security applied to publishers.

20 document certification patents guaranteeing digital trust through the probative value of documents, their correspondence and their digital archiving:

  1. Patents for authentication of digital identities by mobile phone
  2. Patent for registration of digital identities and management of trust attributes
  3. Patent for correspondence by switching in document current accounts
  4. Patent for rating of digital identities
  5. Patent for rating of hybrid and digital correspondence
  6. Patent for escalation for hybrid correspondence
  7. Patent for online legal signature
  8. Patent for citizen safe security and confidentiality
  9. Patent for filing, matching and backing in electronic safes
  10.  Patent for rating of legal archiving
  11. Patent for legal dematerialisation chains
  12. Patent for operator and sub-operator certification and interoperability
  13. Patent for Validation, Certification and Interoperability of digital trust networks
  14. Patent for calculation of probative value between digital trust networks
  15. Patent for calculation of digital transmission times
  16. Other European and foreign patents

Suit of services of unprecedented confidence in the world

In accordance with the new European and American regulations in the context of IDAAS, TrustSeed is the first operator to have integrated document validation into his trusted services ecosystem. To ensure legal value of documentary processes from beginning to end, TrustSeed specializes into providing three trust services integrated and interdependent:

  1. Issuance of electronic identity certificates updated dynamically,
  2. A qualified legal signature,
  3. Certification of balance sheet documents.

In the advent of a new European regulation framework

All software SaaS and all operators of communication networks (postal networks, social, telecom ...) must comply with following regulations and guidelines in 2016:

  • E.IDAS settlement: Identity, Legal Status of Correspondence, qualification of operators, independent bodies’ validation interoperability.
  • Data protection: confidentiality, privacy. Separation of identity management functions documentary signature. 
  • NIS Directive: Measuring Risk (Risk Management) mandatory for operators, procedures for cyber security, interoperability, resilience. 
  • NSTIC : National Strategy of Trusted Identities in Cyberspace