Trust, leverage for online economic and social development.

oiseau droit 80 2Uses of digital services expend develop quickly, while digital trust is declining:

  • New regulations implemented in 2016: we are witnessing explosion of data breach (+ 62% from 2012 to 2013, with 551 million identities stolen in 2013 - Source CNIL) while Cybercrime costs about $ 445 billion per year (327 billion euros) to the global economy in terms of growth, innovation and competitiveness, according to a published report in early June 2014 by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).
  • With the advent of SaaS business models 'Software as a Service', digital service providers will have no decide to integrate reliable electronic identification solutions to secure SaaS infrastructure – IaaS – while switching from 'Off Line' to 'On Line' business model.

Improve online sense of security will remove the obstacles to the virtuous development of online transactions and adoption of new services by users.

Market for cloud document management in Europe

Electronic management of commercial and financial documents make a broad sense when we analyze costs for paper, ink, printers, personnel management, mailing, archiving and management of anomalies.

Currently document management costs over Europe for businesses, individuals and governments is estimated to approximately 1000 billion € per year (excluding costs related fraud; source: Report SSEDIC 2012).

In context of upcoming of eIDAS regulations

The European Commission rightly believes that users' trust in the Internet is the future driver of economic and social development in line, and the solution to initiate the virtuous circle of the digital economy.

The new business model of the digital economy in SaaS

According to CIO of Hitachi, Mr. Hashimoto Munehiro: "Customers do not want to buy license. They just want the services, we purchased this utility basis. "