In context of upcoming of eIDAS regulations

The European Commission rightly believes that users' trust in the Internet is the future driver of economic and social development in line, and the solution to initiate the virtuous circle of the digital economy.

eIDASInfographic 300Voted in April 2014, ratified in July by the European Parliament, and apply by 1 July 2016, the new eIDAS (Electronic identification and trust services) Regulation covers much of the processing of personal data within the EU.

We distinguish 24 rules implemented by two classes of service digital trust under the control of new regulatory bodies. There are providers that manage the identity, rights and privacy (Privacy by Design) and those managing the legal document with his signature and its means of transmission and conservation.

Companies or providers who violate the rules of "Privacy by Design / Privacy by default" face sentences of EUR 100 million or 5% of their global annual turnover.