Market for cloud document management in Europe

Electronic management of commercial and financial documents make a broad sense when we analyze costs for paper, ink, printers, personnel management, mailing, archiving and management of anomalies.

Currently document management costs over Europe for businesses, individuals and governments is estimated to approximately 1000 billion € per year (excluding costs related fraud; source: Report SSEDIC 2012).

According to figures issued from several studies of various European working groups, probative value documentary dematerialization would improve productivity as follows:

  • gains estimated for billing exchanges (around 240 billion each year),
  • gains generated from better effectiveness due to single payments market (SEPA - estimated at nearly $ 120 billion per year),
  • administrative productivity gains from digital mail (about 100 billion),
  • prevention of fraud (estimated near 125 billion).

When we add up, we get to 700 billion euros in annual savings for 28 countries, relatively consistent with estimates from large consulting firms on dematerialization (it was estimated that the paperless documentary brought a cost reduction of 70% in business, PwC Report D. Little in 2005 and 2009).

At this cost reduction, it is appropriate to deduct strengthening security levels and measures of probative value and validation of digital transactions costs. According to the European Commission, Europe, the new EU regulations will be at the origin of a new estimated at 32 billion market '€ / year in Europe for cyber security software provider (TrustSeed) and 22 billion € / year for validation services operators (Certiway).