The new business model of the digital economy in SaaS

According to CIO of Hitachi, Mr. Hashimoto Munehiro: "Customers do not want to buy license. They just want the services, we purchased this utility basis. "


The advent of SaaS or Cloud Computing requires actors from digital economy to rethink their strategy.

Business model of banks and software editors will change drastically in few next coming years.

It is commonly accepted that in the next 5 years:

  • 20% of bank revenues (excluding capital market) will be generated from documentary process and not from their primarily financial flows.
  • 40% of revenues from software publisher’s will be generated from documentaries correspondences, while most today comes from licensing, support and maintenance; and publishers will be very sensitive to promote increased document volumes with their clients.

Our ambition after 10 years of R & D:

  1. Distribute "On Line" Signatures to 5 billion Internet users that has a mobile device.
  2. Reduce costs and operational risks for businesses without changing habits.
  3. Provide a universal solution to simplify and harmonize transactions overs Internet with a strengthened legal value. Applications will comply with new provisions generated by new Regulations Amending the Services Directive and uses of online signature.
  4. Dematerialization of documents and trade has become the priority of businesses and states to improve probative value and document management (zero litigation), safety (zero default) and interoperability (zero delay). 
  5. Provide IT Industry a comprehensive trust framework in "SaaS" in Cloud Computing:
    • eID as a service,
    • eSignature as a service,
    • eArchiving as a service,
    • eCommunication as a service.