First Global and Interoperable Trust Framework for Electronic Transactions

Capitalizing onto 25 years of business experience, TrustSeed provides first and worldwide unique integrated “suite of trusted services” to structurally create safe online environment, establishing interoperability between different Trust Solutions Providers (TSP).

It is the only legal framework possible accessible to all communities for their digital transactions:

  • To annihilate cyber-criminality and eliminate identity theft and document falsification.
  • To guaranty documentary and monetary correspondences with probative value.
  • To be compliant with EU Regulations, USA NSTIC, Communities Interchange Agreements.
  • To provide a universal solution at world’s forehead, adoptive – easy to use – and low cost.

The suite of trusted digital services covers:

  • Legal signature for any digital transactions,
  • Evidence value for cloud computing correspondences,
  • Legal certification for all accounting documents.

Trust Digital Network arising from TrustSeed integrated trusted services is protected by a worldwide set of 15 patents.