First dynamic digital ID solution,
validated by first neutral third validation party.

In the context of Stork 2 (Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed 2.0), the Authentication Registrar (or virtual private office) participate in achieving of a European common market for online identification and authentication.

Various authentication methods are integrated into TrustSeed’s Digital Trust Network (DTN) to allow issuers, senders and receivers of electronic transactions to identify themselves online using identification option set into bilateral agreement; an online identification method is associated for each specific type of transaction.

Personal identification data required are not the same from one community to another (ie. health corporate versus a university) or depending of type of document processed.

Different online identification methods are available for corporate users, including knowledge-based, phone authentication, one-time passwords, sound encrypted authentication, etc.

TrustSeed’s identity verification web-services (ID / API) allows any identity verification provider to integrate Trusted’s Trust Digital Network (TDN) to provide its electronic identification trust and qualified services to user communities.

Depending on the personal identification method used, Validation Party (VP) upgrade daily and dynamically user identity certificate.

Identity signature certified with the new 3DSA standard

3DSA standard is based on a strong two-factor authentication that meets all the technological challenges of new digital economy framed by new EU regulations:

  • Identity certificate guarantee,
  • Strong authentication guarantee,
  • Confidentiality guarantee.

Authentication Registrar – AR

  • Authentication front office user application.
  • Independency from Documentary and Signature Operator (DSO) to ensure secrecy of personal identification data - physical and logical separation from document processes.
  • Scalable solution based on development of community (IDAAS - Identity as a Service).
  • AR is available through TrustSeed verification identity API (ID / API) or through services of other trust providers of third identification party approved and integrated into TDN.
  • Dynamic daily update of digital identity certificate - based on user’ latest activities.
  • Possibility for user to manage independently:
    • Personal identification data,
    • Delegations of authority,
    • Mandates of documentary operators and signature (and possibly sub-operators - archiving, switching, transfer and information),
    • Correspondence bilateral agreements with counterparties.