15 years after European Directive on electronic signatures, one realizes its limited success (offline on the user's workstation, activated by simple password, not associated with intrinsic characteristics of signed document, without manifestation of consent, etc.).

TrustSeed publishes first solution that consign advent of legal signature online, in contrast to the electronic signature. Legal signature is Cloud based (no installation on the user station - to prevent virus and malware), combines intrinsic characteristics of the document with user consent. TrustSeed via an Instance of Validation - in analogy with traditional functions of a deed in the physical world - ensures authentication, but also that all constitutive elements of the documents match with user’s manifestation of consent.


Penseal® is TrustSeed’s signature trusted service; it creates an ecosystem to produce the first universal legal signature line for citizens, government employees and agents:

  • Simple,
  • Global,
  • Secure,
  • A probative value guarantee.

First legal online signature with probative value, it is compliant with the new European and American regulations.

Penseal® integrates authentication protocols Magic Axess (strong authentication via SMS), protocols PKCS # 7 signatures, XAdES, SRDP and EBICS TS 2.4. and 2.5.

Mobile technology used onto this framework allows our customers to benefit from innovative services in financial and commercial businesses.

Solution is distributed SaaS and web-based.

Documentary and Signature Operator (DSO):

  • Documentary and Signature Operator – DSO – is middle office for document management and legal signature edition.
  • DSO are selected by users from Authentication Registrar (AR).
  • For each model of referenced document, a DSO is selected; for example, user will select two separate DSO, one for bills and one for paychecks.
  • ODS is legal signature editor and responsible for evidences (authentication, sealing, manifestation of consent related to content of the document and traceability record), under control of Validation Party (VP).
  • Legal Signature for all types of correspondence, workflow and double signatures, limit over value and duration.
  • Sealing of evidences of the signature sent to Validation Party (VP), original or duplicate issuance, data file management for back office tasks.

Download our Penseal e-Signature factsheet on: