Validation Party Certiway for ensuring Trust, as is common ground for electronic transactions.

Necessity to guaranty probative value of e-transactions by an authorized and recognized third party that validates process compliancy has been supported for many years by TrustSeed to the European Commission. It is a very innovative concept that provides tools for documentary operators to fulfil delivery obligation induced by upcoming European regulations.

Validation Party (VP) Certiway is proactively ensuring e-transaction, making them interoperable and understandable regardless of the technical solutions used; the role of an independent validation body is similar to a deed in the physical world, which ensure consent of party before signature.

VP is normally approved and accredited by a Public Administration that validates levels of compliancy for security, privacy, legality, interoperability and resilience required by regulations. Each VP is free to agree a correspondence agreement with other VP to enable secure interoperability between their respective members (identity, authentication, document, signature, archiving and communication). .

TrustSeed currently use Certiway as its Validation Party in order to have its application interoperables in all member countries of the EU with other Trust Qualified Services Providers.

eIDAS Regulation reaffirms needs for "Validation Mechanisms" responsible for hosting Trust Lists, controlling compliancy with predefined e-transactions scenario and cross-border recognition of advanced signatures supported by a qualified certificate.

Functions of VP are 14, in relation with Authentication Registrar, operators selected by users and third-party organizations involve into electronic identification controls; non-exhaustive list:

  • Notation electronic identities,
  • Keeping revocation lists,
  • Control of the signatories of bilateral agreements,
  • List of affiliated operators interoperability,
  • Keeping the document repository, sheets Traceability,
  • Consolidation evidence of correspondence, etc.

The role of VP, through verification and consolidation of evidence, can be assimilated to one of an electronic notary in Digital Trust Network (DTN).