Solutions in the advent of upcoming European new regulations

oiseau droit 80 2EU Council has announced the final adoption on July 23 of the new regulation eIDAS on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market.

This regulation is the cornerstone of an alternative model, interoperable between Member States, to simplify and protect the digital identity of citizens. This text marks the advent of a new era for the identity and online security in Europe but also in the world.

It comes repealed from 1 July 2016 Directive 1999/93 / C on the signing 'Off Line' too rigid, complicated and expensive to implement, to consecrate the advent of IDAAS (IDentity cloud as a Service or signing 'On Line').

For over 10 years founders of TrustSeed, anticipating ineluctable regulatory upcoming developments, have patented what would become process arising from future regulations.

20 document certification patents guaranteeing digital trust through the probative value of documents, their correspondence and their digital archiving:

  1. Patents for authentication of digital identities by mobile phone
  2. Patent for registration of digital identities and management of trust attributes
  3. Patent for correspondence by switching in document current accounts
  4. Patent for rating of digital identities
  5. Patent for rating of hybrid and digital correspondence
  6. Patent for escalation for hybrid correspondence
  7. Patent for online legal signature
  8. Patent for citizen safe security and confidentiality
  9. Patent for filing, matching and backing in electronic safes
  10. Patent for rating of legal archiving
  11. Patent for legal dematerialisation chains
  12. Patent for operator and sub-operator certification and interoperability
  13. Patent for Validation, Certification and Interoperability of digital trust networks
  14. Patent for calculation of probative value between digital trust networks
  15. Patent for calculation of digital transmission times
  16. Other European and foreign patents

TrustSeed Web services solutions fit needs of online communities.

Whatever size is your company and its business, you need to lower costs and increase productivity. Handling business documents paperless is a simple way to help you achieve it. Signing online PDF documents gives opportunity to all employees to achieve this goal for its company. Penseal® electronic signature of PDF solution is an easy way to move toward dematerialization without major modification of corporate information system.

You can send an email to one or more recipients from your Penseal account, attaching a PDF document previously created.

Email sender and recipient must have previously and mutually agreed to a bipartite agreement between them.

TrustSeed solutions allow users to manage their business transactions over the cloud through a secure and flexible platform. Send documents without the paper, without being tied to the office or a manual process. It's easy to stay organized and work with anyone from your computer or mobile device.