You can send an email to one or more recipients from your Penseal account, attaching a PDF document previously created.

Email sender and recipient must have previously and mutually agreed to a bipartite agreement between them.

The recipient is notified by mail upon arrival of email and can consult it simply by connecting to its Penseal account.

Besides ease of use, instantaneity of receiving, archiving and consultation, emails have same legal value as paper documents for a minimum cost; users enjoy benefits of paperless with legal value and no integration burden, nor settings.

Overall cost of email process in terms of monetary and required time is very small in comparison with equivalent traditional postal process.

Signing is therefore done by copying default SMS code received onto signature interface. Penseal generates the electronic receipt of signature. This acknowledgment signature is legally binding and has the same legal value as a handwritten signature.

Similarly, recipient's identity is validated and non-repudiable by default patented process of sending a temporary code by SMS on recipient’s mobile phone.