An ecosystem that complete solutions from service providers related to dematerialization process, to ensure compliancy with upcoming European regulations.

European Commission rightly understood that online user confidence is lever for online economic and social development, and key factor to initiate virtuous circle of the digital economy.

Voted in April 2014, ratified in July by the European Parliament, and in application starting on July 1st 2016, new regulation e.IDAS (Electronic identification and trust services) covers personal data processing within the EU.

24 rules implemented by new regulation distinguish digital trusted third parties that manage the identity, rights and privacy (Privacy by Design) under control of new state regulatory bodies, and affiliated providers managing legal document - with signature, means of transmission and preservation.

Companies that fail to implement this "Privacy by Design / Default“ by due date, will face sentences of 100 million € or 5% of their global annual turnover – NIS Directive on Data Protection and Cyber Security applied to software publisher.

Service providers involved into document dematerialization processes will have to lean back to a trusted ecosystem, as one proposed by 3 + 1 TrustSeed’s web-services, to ensure probative value and compliancy with upcoming new regulations, recognition and global interoperability.

Two years to finalize the legal transposition paper entitled Digital Right

Copying cloud of a document created on paper can take the place of original; in the same way, the hard copy of a document created so dematerialized, has no legal recognition. This is why dematerialized original creation involves the use of a reliable digital trust architecture after the end without security hole.

Similarly, failover economic models 'Off Line' to models 'On Line' will have to rely on solutions capable of adjusting the regulatory safety levels of today's applications to the new paradigm of Cloud Computing in terms of identification, confidentiality, compliance, traceability and interoperability.

The new European legislative fabric will apply from 1 July 2016; operators in non-compliance with this deadline with this innovative regulatory architecture are likely to be severely punished by the regulatory authorities but also by their own customers and shareholders.

The only way to build confidence in the digital economy cloud of tomorrow: DTN

Building on over 20 years of research and development, TrustSeed teams have identified and patented the only way to implement a Digital Trust Network (DTN) Trust<I>Tech® by providing users with online rights and probative value superiors to those of paper's world.

Ease of integration in cloud environment, makes TrustSeed's trust solutions applicable universally to all documentary correspondences.

Tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of communities

The business communities and providers who manage the identity, rights or signature, will each have specific requirement towards the 3 + 1 web-services offered by TrustSeed, and therefore will adapt accordingly.