From simple instant payment notification to interbank server communications, TrustSeed applications implement simple and practical way for securing all payment transactions by calling functions from its integrated application interface (API).

For corporate payment, TrustSeed’s web services solutions simplify and secure treasurers duties by allowing them to digitally sign financial messages sent to their multiple financial partners. TrustSeed digital interoperability ad innovative services deeply modify treasurers’ duties.

TrustSeed improves therefore corporate treasury operations by allowing corporate treasurers to manage multiple banking relationships from one unified interface and secured identity token.

The benefits of TrustSeed solutions for corporations and their banking partners include:

  • Lower costs and saving time by replacing multiple interfaces and digital identity tokens with one unified system on a global scale.
  • Reduced risks using first interoperable trust framework compliant with upcoming regulations, protected worldwide by a set of 15 patents.
  • Easy and rapid to integrate and to maintain through widely used and recognized standards protocols.